I Love You! I Love You! I Love You and I'm in Love with You! Have an Awesome Day! Have the Best Day of Your Life!

by Terror Pigeon




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released May 11, 2010

All songs written by Neil Fridd. I also programed them. And sang! But! Jesse came up with most of the lyrics for iotdwykiyhtbr!! so that's important! Also the end of track 4 contains Jason Anderson lyrics!

Joel Raif recorded and mixed it. He did incredible things that I still don't fully understand. He wrestled immense beauty out of the smallest little corners of this album. But not track 4. Kyle Gilbride recorded and mixed track 4!

Scott Hull mastered it (3 times! good job Scott!) at masterdisk.

Yale Evelev is the Executive Producer

Tara Anders is the muse. Every song is about her.

Mat is the new guy.

Neil Fridd: vocals on all tracks, weird space demon noise on track 2, melodica on track 4, drums on track 8
Dan Regelski: vocals on all tracks except 3 and 4
Jesse Cooper Levy: vocals on all tracks except 3, 4 and 6
Kyle Gilbride: vocals on tracks 4, 7 and 8
Sydney Schutte: vocals on tracks 5 and 10
Rachel Cleary: vocals on track 8
James Blinstrub, Sam Branman, Dana Caputo, Neil Fridd, Christina Halladay, Pat Lamothe, Dan Regelski and Sam Richer: gang vocals on tracks 5, 6 and 10, bangin' racket on track 6
Joe DeGeorge: sax on all tracks except 3, 4, 7 and 8
Jon Andrews: trumpet on all tracks except 3, 4, 7 and 8
Joe Noll: drums on all tracks except 3, 4, 7 and 8
Amanda Rodi: flute on tracks 1, 9 and 10
Sam Richer: Piano on tracks 5 and 6, organ on tracks 2 and 6
Wen-Jay Ying: Violin on tracks 6 and 10
Joel Raif: guitar on track 6, reverse computer bass on track 10, vocals on track 5, snaps and claps on track 2
Kyle Gilbride: drums, guitar and melodica on track 4


Sam Branman shot the cover photo. Stephen Faught shot the back!
The inside and poster were collaged from photos shot largely by the above, but also using photos by Christina Halladay, Tim Quackenbush, Jessica Rose Lehrman, Katie Chirichillo, Christine Davitt, Rebecca Smeyne, Caitlin Jackowiak and Aiyana Knauer.

Neil Fridd did the collaging / designing of all the album artwork. Paul Diddy color corrected it.

Thank you everybody.



all rights reserved
Track Name: snakebites!!
someday we’ll explode.
We’ll be tiny particles soaring through the air and it will be fine.
It will be fine.
It will be fine.
It will be fine.

I am often wrong; when questioned about my views and opinions I fall flat: I stand tall.
And this is your fault, yeah this is your fault, yeah this is your fault yeah this all because of you, did you do it for bragging rights or just because you wanted to?

And what is up with your face? What is up with your face? What is up with your face? What is up with your face? Who made it so cute? So cute. So cute. He smokes and coughs I’ll kiss your head off. (right off.)

So tell me which is the better deal; the one you have or the one you feel? And yes I agree he is cuter than me. But I am constantly improving, writing songs my voice is soothing: I will sing them all to you, if you’d freakin’ let me boo. So don’t you spend another night snogging* Mr. Not Right, I am funner can’t you see? You belong with me.

Okay breakdown. Ain’t no breakdown call them breakdowns what? The myth of fucking fingerprints*

I am constantly improving, writing songs my voice is soothing: I will sing them all to you, if you’d freakin’ let me boo. So don’t you spend another night snogging* Mr. Not Right, I am funner can’t you see, you belong with me.


There are over 3000 ways to die and I really hope yours isn’t snakebites. Cause I like you. I like you.

*I chose snogging over kissing to make Jesse laugh, who was obsessed with Harry Potter at the time. Apparently Britain says snogging in general? Anyways it sounds better than kissing.
%Paul Simon Reference
Track Name: grouphug!
I know we all get to be like, I know we all get to be like, I know we all get to be like that sometimes. I’m sorry I was like that. I’m sorry I was like a jerk that way.

Oh fuck it and forget it why’d you say it why’d you say it now?

You are the one and I know what you’re going through but it makes it hard when you just don’t want nothing to do, with those who speak well of your fine character and reason it’s the season to put scars into your body OMG a total hottie OMG a total hottie oh can’t you see I’m sorry!

But I always get jealous when you relish in their cuteness which makes me a total jerk but it will never make my muteness exist. I’m just a loud mouth, my tongue got bitten by a radioactive spider makes my stress levels grow higher when it creeps right down beside her and says things that it should not oh why’d it rot and now decay and make our friendship go away it wants our blood but it won’t get it cause it just will not admit that it is evil.

But we are bigger than it who gives a shit we’ll make change cause drama’s a word that’s supposed to be about theater.
Track Name: fast-forward regrets
I don’t know what you’re lookin’ for. No I don’t know what you’re lookin’ for.

Cause there were bees there beside us when they came up behind us said "where's my gun" I said "I don't know. I just been lying here with out these tears thinkin' I ain't felt this good in years." And I know you'd like to think I was conspiring against you but the truth is I wasn't I was trying to protect you from them and all their lies and all the ways they hypnotize and magnetize

I barfed on the dance floor all night long.

(it's a lie, oh to you when I can't get by when I can't by when I can't by)

way back when he was out making his rounds about town thinkin' he had us both pegged down but it wasn't the truth no it wasn't the truth cause we are john wilkes booth proof

yes we are john wilkes booth proof.
Track Name: Tokyo Drift.
I adored kissing you on that glorious night my heart was out of control working double overtime and your hands and your thighs all those things I’ll come to miss I promise that I’ll give them all a parting kiss.

And if you only knew how long I dreamt of this.

So now we’re hiding under covers from your roommates other lovers and the weight (or wait. Both apply.) A tidal wave of raw emotion clamoring all the oceans to its side.

And if you only knew how long I dreamt of this.
And if you only knew the weight of your heart and the love I throw away just to comfort you each day.

But your mouth’s an open grave,* and you kiss what you can’t save, and now all I want to do, is never feel nor care for you.

Cause I don’t need your love.
I don’t need your love.
I don’t need your love.
I don’t need your love.

You can hide from everybody, hang your head around, but when you come out of your cave the wolves they wait and howl.

I don’t need your love.

* Psalms 5:9 To be fair, the girl I’m singing about is actually a pretty cool lady most of the time.
% From here on is borrowed Jason Anderson lyrics from an unreleased song. His are actually slightly different as I was paraphrasing from a concert of his I had seen months earlier…
Track Name: iotdwykiyhtbr
It's okay to do what you know in your heart to be right.

when you go and hit a brick wall I know it's hard.

it's okay to do what you know.

well my darling dear I am sincere the only way to spread this cheer is to stomp your feet on the ground, raise your hands and make a joyful sound!
you know the shit I'm going through, cause you been going through it to you sing I don't know what I been told but if we keep on dancing we will not grow old!

You're allowed to be scared you're allowed to be frightened,
but we're almost there yeah we're nearly enlightened.
Track Name: my favorite hair.
With the weight of circumstance, you might be inclined not to dance, or prefer to spend your days, wallowing in pain, but darling dear, you know it’s true: you can’t save no room in your heart for a boy who don’t love you.

And so I'm standing! My heart on sleeve, begging you, not to grieve, them other boys, with cool tattoos, they cannot do, what I do: cause I can't play guitar so well but when you're hurt I can always tell so I sneak in when you're asleep and and leave you things to maybe keep the wolves away from your front door they ain't you whole but still want more to think the things they have had what I would do to have that too! And all the broken hearted sing "oh when I'm gonna get my wings." (do this 3 times) And all the broken hearted sing "oh Lord, please get me through this thing."

Cause I been down, on my knees, begging all night, begin' please, please please. Them other boys got no class* oh come on darling I'll give you so much more than ass. Cause they can't man up to their feelings, avoid that talk like it makes their skin peel and you are getting a raw deal so get with me I want your heart for real not to steal! We could trade! Here take mine! It's a little bit worn and damaged on the inside but it pumps!! It pumps rivers of love through my veins through all of white plains! And I sing, cause I got a voice, and I scream cause I mean it and my darling you've got to agree, cause my darling you've seen it!

Cause maybe they are better romancers but you know that I am a far better dancer and what I give is honest and true and 100% for you it's the kinda loving you will only get from a broken man whose hearts been split! It's the kinda loving you will only get from a broken man whose me.

From a broken man.

Cause I know I played it cool when you left me on that night but the truth is I went home and destroyed my fucking room and I lied awake for hours trying to be free of you but you just wouldn't leave my stomach cause well you never do and you say that you don't know what love is or how it grows but you do believe it's real and it's something you hope to feel well if darling that's the case then I'm inclined to say that you don't know love cause you've only had a man take it away.

so how about you get with someone who can give.

All my love's for you. You can have it all if you want it boo.

*I just realized that you could also interpret this to mean that they don't have school right then but I meant like, decency and taste.
Track Name: snowday!
It's 4 AM and John says "no school!"* so I go out and run around! The snow is falling like 6 inches, shebear and I gonna sled this ground!

And you could say "well it's too damn cold out!" and you could stay warm staying indoors but fuck that you know the truth is there's tons of warmth in getting cold!

When snow melts down your back! (And I can't see cause you are flying!)
Yeah that sucks a lot! (Giddie up! Giddie up! Giddie up! Let's go!)
But actually it's awesome! (We'll how so?)
Cause you'll grow twice as strong! (I know! I know! I know! I know!)

So we've been running 'round for hours! So we go in and sing some songs! Then get up! Go out! Build snow forts! Then dance at Dana's all night long! And then Laura puts on Daft Punk and dana yells it's her favorite song. (Oh it's playing at my house!%) I look at Jesse and at Rachel: I know this is where I belong yes!

These are my neighbors neighbors!
Oh fuck what you're told! We don't have to grow old! I don't care what dad's say! Cause today's our snowday!

Thank God for snowstorms they make new frozen hearts that have turned blue. A world with snow's a whole new world so fucking rock out like Aladdin!

All my neighbors want it to snow it to snow it to!
All my neighbors want it to snow it to snow it to! (and it's shining and it's shimmering and it's splendid^)
All my neighbors want it to snow it to snow it to! (yo! princess when did you last let your heart decide?!^)
All my neighbors want it to snow it to snow it to! (in you I confide!)

*At Purchase college there is a inclement weather hotline. You can call at any time to see if classes have or have not been canceled for the day. The smooth, comforting voice on the recording is John Delate, the director of residence life.
%Daft Punk is playing at my house
^Aladdin says this to Jasmine!!!
Track Name: IN YOUR FACE SUCKINESS!! (our blood is rainbows)
We're gonna make it through all the shit.

*I once heard a man describing an experience he had with God as him feeling like his blood was rainbows. Doesn't that sound really nice?
Track Name: go directly to space!
I asked clearly well how will I die? The answer clearly was not much reply. But I've gotten over that yes I'm so over that.

But tell me one thing truly say you want me there and I love you all my days long.

All my days long. All my ways of being there are true. I'll do it for you. I'll do it for you.

All my days long.

There is magic in those eyes. I've seen it there.

In an alternate reality you and me! Together forever live harmoniously! With flashlights and love% we blast into space! Where nothing can keep us from God's boundless grace!
We're going to space! You know it's true! Yo! fuck airlocks we can dance if we want to! It's a complex science you can't understand! It's all call love and it comes out of your glands!
It's called love and it comes out of your glands!

Hands are what keeps you from not holding onto things if you hold on real tight you'll find that this love brings frustration yes but a joy that's there hiding to in every long, long, long walk that I take with you! Know that I love if it makes you feel whole inside and I just hope at the end that you find peace in my arms cause I truly do in yours know that I'm not giving up on your smile or words.

*Cause in Monopoly you have to go to jail! Get it?!
%Bright Eyes lyrics: "Into the caverns of tomorrow with just our flashlights and our love we must plunge we must plunge we must plunge." Great song.
Track Name: [ride friendship.]
You make my heart explode!

And it soars through the air! And lands on your shoulders! I will be a part of you will you please be a part of me? I need you.

You make my heart explode.

We're alive! We're in love! We've got hope just because!