We Will Never Run Out of Love!

by Terror Pigeon



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released July 21, 2017

All songs written and arranged by Neil Fridd, except for vocal arrangements on tracks 11 and 12 by Kat Porter

All songs produced by Neil Fridd and Ian Hersey (tracks 1-3, 6-11), Joel Wadell (track 4), Philip Rabalais (track 5), and Steve Marion (track 12)

Tracks 1-3, and 6-11 mixed by Ian Hersey, track 4 mixed by Joel Wadell, track 5 mixed by Philip Rabalais, and track 12 mixed by Steve Marion

Ian Hersey: guitar on 10, bass on 8, 9, 10, drums on 10, and the rad keyboard solo on 9
Dave Cole: drums on 3
Raymond Chalmé: guitar on 11

Bruce Ervin: track 11
Christian Price: track 11
Christine Peirce: tracks 6, 8
Delia Rainey: track 11
Ember Remliel: track 11
Kat Porter: tracks 1, 3, 9, 11, 12
Joel Wadell: tracks 4, 12
Johanne Swanson: track 10
Kelly Pratt: track 2
Louise Doyle: track 12
Madeline Robinson: tracks 5, 11
Malee Bringardner: tracks 3, 9, 11
Nathan Vanderpool: 2, 9
Neil Fridd: all tracks
Pedro LopezDeVictoria: track 2
Rupert Hudson: track 2
Pedro / Rupert Choir: track 2
Rupert and Pedro's friends: track 2
Shelby Turner: track 11
Tyler Walker: track 9

Album art pics by Dominic Rabalais, Erin Swarthout, and Neil Fridd

Ultimate thank yous to Victoria Sobel, Rich Aucoin, Jonathan Nasrallah, Jeremy Malvin, and everyone ever.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Chamber of Secrets for 1
and I remember each hang
with decent clarity for me
the foods we ate the songs we jammed
the people in the street

the the times that we'd touch
almost always accidents
but to share a hammock with you girl
it leaves my heart content

so I'm sorry that once
when you tried to hold my hand
I knew you meant it friendly
but I could not mean it friendly 

no I wanted it real
so I bailed I couldn't deal   
and I wished to ditch the part of me
that knew how you made me feel

but then I thought better
instead I just wished that you
would split in two so I could date you too
but 'til my wish comes true what do I do?

I think I'll keep them
I think I have to hold my feelings
cause your boyfriend rules and I'm just a fool
who shows up every 2 months 

so can I freaking chill once?
I think my dreams could be enough
to be the band I always wanted
fall in love with everything

and run this awesome road
'ti my legs give out
cause I was born to rage on stage girl 
it's the one thing I'm sure about

but just know that when the distance gets me
I recall when you were with me
the drive in movies, forts we built
and blasting drake 'til our hearts filled

oh what more could I need?
I love every single moment I got to receive 

oh forgive me if I was distant after that
I've never been a boy who can give only half
I could feel us getting closer with each day
I was so tired of being selfish I couldn't remain

there were so many times I didn't text you
to tell you how bad I missed you
knowing you is the best dream
oh darling you're cake and ice cream
Track Name: Inconsiderateness Trial (featuring Pedro LDV)
and maybe I don't want to call you anymore
maybe your kisses aren't that cool
you know I'm sorry that I confused you my darling I truly am
you'll survive you'll survive you'll survive you'll survive I know you will
so let's dance.

so give up give up give up my dear I know you can
you could date like 50 other guys
all these lonely nights, all these endless fights, all these stupid games, all this worthless pain!
are we having this conversation? are we having this conversation? are we having this conversation? oh no no

get in the escape pod

and have I said that I am sorry?
please do not give up on love
Track Name: Arms
I saw her face and I instantly knew it
she crumbled in my arms
and we drove through the night unsure of what would happen
with the deepest darkest silence cut right through us

then you were right there
and I had to sit down
and leaning on that chair I thought
well what do I do now?

how many times will I look for you only to know again?

I don't get it
I will never understand
how the good are taken from us
when I'm still only a half a man?

if there's no justice to it
and no bracing ever works
then how do I explode with love
despite all of this hurt?

I recall what you said to me
in the quiet
"I'm not worried"
"I'm not worried"

to be half of you
only half of you

I think about the good in you I think about all I can't be yet
but pray to God above one day I'll love without holding back

mark my only words

if you wait and you love I will grow to something good.

I'll always see you
Track Name: No Ocean
and you act like loving you
is such a stupid thing for me to do
what makes you so bad?

if you're freaking out cause
you worried about the things that could go wrong
please think about the things that could go right
and darling come on dance with me tonight

cause if there's no tomorrow then at least right now
let us delight in how your heart fits so squarely next to mine

am I really dumb for trying?
I'm not brave but I won't fear pain
cause there's no strength in my reservations
I live or die by how I try

and you push me away in tiny inches
the space between texts increases
there's less and less kisses
'til suddenly I look and I'm outside your heart

and I never even realized
but you were teaching in small ways
to live life without you
did you hope that by the end I wouldn't care?

and now I'm stuck here
never knowing what's my faults or your fears
could I have saved us by being better?
did you even want me to try?

I would know if a kiss was one sided right?
Track Name: Life's Pretty Tight and You're Alright (featuring Madeline Robinson)
and in the dark I don't know what I want.
what's in longing for a mystery?
how can I be it?

if you're gonna be the good guy
then give up already do it like you said
but you'll need to finally decide
to be happy in the stillness of your head

oh the glory of a nailed show
no one cheers forever find a new reward
let the knowledge that all things end
inform an overwhelming gratitude for now

all I want to do
is radiate
kindness for free
but I'm held back
I'm made afraid
by selfishness:
the hurdle's me

but you're never wasting your time
when you are expanding love

still I feel improvement's so slow
will I ever be real neil?

come on come on you're not dead yet
Track Name: OtherSong
I'm the only one that you love
but still that ain't enough
I got you begging me for more
but I don't want this strangle hold

I got so used to the comfort that
it couldn't happen I couldn't ruin it
that when everything blew up
I dived right in oh hell to good luck

I couldn't fight forever to not have you
with you like I'm I'm here here here

I accept mostly full blame and damage
cause I am the stronger one
except for all the times I wasn't
God is there a way to make this right?

I will replay the night
I will replay the words
I will recalculate the love that you have lost

is there a measurement
is there an even scale
to predict how many nights you will be sad?

there are so many ways that I can let you down

the hardest thing's the reason
you love me perfectly
I couldn't ask for better romance
but romance ain't all I need

I need a love who dreams
who knows that they are good
and pushes me to be the person
that I know I should

I've bailed on so many good things that I can't possibly know if
this is the right decision or if I'm just afraid to feel whole

I have made my mind all up I'm leaving you for the world
cause you will never make me fully smile

trade in my goodwill for all of this freedom
your friends get in line to tell you that they told you so

I'll try to say it once
you're wonderful for real
the nights we spent together
were the thing I wanna feel

and I know you'll make somebody happy
who just wants to be happy
but that's not me no
I want everything

I let you take control
but I should have known better
Track Name: Come On Ride the Pain and Ride It, Wooawoo
what if I didn't have to write ten songs about
what you did but I do because

I can't let it go at all
what truth?

I used to hope that we could somehow save our friendship
now I hope to feel nothing

truly surprised
when I enjoy
hanging with you
why do I

block the good and I tell my friends that if
you didn't lie I wouldn't be so messed up

but maybe what hurts
but maybe what hurts
is that I couldn't
love you without terms

that you were too much
that you were so much
a mirror to
a mirror to me
Track Name: Forgiveness is a Dish Best Served All the Time
I'm so tired of forgiveness
I cannot make it fast enough
and I guess I still need all of it
cause I'm always falling short on love

and the moment that you walked in
my heart when to the darkest place and
I cannot live down here
where currents come but love stays broken
and the hurt is so real,
but my harshest words are never spoken

am I better to refrain
leaving this hate inside my heart?

but then Rachel holds my head
and promises that I'll get through it
and huddled in the covers
I kinda sorta just believe her

then Malee calls from Texas
and drowns my heart in perfect loving
I can feel it start to happen
something deep inside me wavers
I could truly forgive this
I could be a boy who trusts in kindness

so you think you know me?
well baby you ain't seen nothing yet

here's something here's something I will never forget

your love, your touch, your glow, your warmth, your face
Track Name: More Songs with Keyboard Solos
I gotta focus on
the things that I control
and that is only me
and not a person more

no I will never choose
just how and why I'm bruised
but what I do with hurt's
my move alone

and I should try to just forgive it
instead I'll totally relive it
replay the highlight reel
of your wrongs

as though that ever leads to peace
and I ain't never stomped out no hearts

the raddest thing about forgiveness
you don't need to know you need it
everything you want to feel in life is free

cause I'll die, way too soon
and when I'm right to be hurt I'll still loose
grace it trumps my justification
love was built on the predication

you get to keep it
you get to hold it in your hands after I die
it's the greatest gift that I
get to leave behind so

we'll fade away
we'll fade away
we'll fade away
but our love will stay
Track Name: Trying > Dying (featuring Yohuna)
and I been waking up at sunrise
oh wait I meant to say sunset
cause I'm a creature of the nighttime
cause nighttime feels the best

and I've been thinking 'bout the ocean
I'm trying not to run from pain
I'd like to offset any hurting
I wanna give like rain

so many ways to die
but none of them feel just quite right
I guess we'll wait and see
I hope it isn't too bloody

all terrors we'll climb
and punch directly in the eye
we weren't made to be

sometimes I turn into the good guy
sometimes I turn into the crook
sometimes I turn into the coward
who never takes a look

oh the impossible of living
oh the impractical of spite
but wow the perfectness of feeling
you lived a day just right

cause you'll never know
the other way that it could go
you're alive that's it
just ask the people who aren't it

you're locked in time
the total absence of rewind
means you can do
your best
Track Name: Love is Stronger Than Everything and You Can't Run Out of It
where were you when I was lonesome?
my heart has never been that strong

my heart goes out to all my homies
who love and know there's nothing more

then loud bands
and sweaty houses
and secret swimming
and perfect nights

don't you dare think life will give you
a fraction less than what you need
the times and tunes will always come
all you do is just believe

can I do this?
and own my feelings?
and fear only the grave?

hoping to be
someday worthy

of your love and all you are
and the ease of your good grace
it's a hot day in your sun
I miss the warmth but fear the burn

and forget your perfect touch.
And the water round our legs?
it doesn't matter if I
almost write the perfect song.

cause forgotten bass lines
and things that I didn't say
will never let you know
that I am not okay

and your truths were bull shit
but way true I get it
I think I can restart
but would friends believe it?

that I could be patient,
or considerate,
or kind,
or anything at all?

darkness comes and goes
I'll be there for the bout
but love eclipses everything
and somehow can't run out.

come on darling, come on darling,
I am old but I am willing!
it's not too late
we can always try

forget planning, forget saving
there is only one way through and
it is your choice:
it is love or die!

so love with all your fucking heart
and love with all your fucking soul
and love with all you fucking are
and love 'til you feel fucking whole
Track Name: Friends (featuring Kat Porter)
It's you.

if you really want to know what keeps me all awake at night
then look no further than that smile of yours it is my great delight.
and though I am far away well I am counting the days
until my glorious return to you when our eyes meet again

and I'll dive into your arms
and smell your smell and take you in
and then eagerly await the answer
"hey dude, how you been?"

there is nothing that I want more than these late night drives with you
there is no one else who does to me just what it is you do.

but how will I ever be everything I want to be
to all of you when I'm gone somewhere else so much?
I will do everything that I can to repay this love
share this love, spread this love, spread it around

when the parties over we retreat to find my cave
occupied by taylor and jacqueline they're talking about boys
so we dive right in and join them and carissa's coming too
in jumps tyler, he brought pizza, but he didn't take off his shoes

here everything is alright
no email to be checked
no late rent to be paid
only us and space jam
playing on the TV
bands playing loudly
a floor that's had too much strain
but there's no basement

and it's you that wakes me up,
and it is you that makes me smile
and it is you that makes me give a fuck
when I haven't in a while.

and cause of you I'm sleeping comfy
and cause of you I'm full of tacos
and cause of you when I see bongos
I say "hey dude let me rock those"

and though I shouldn't give advice
here is some for you:
whatever it is that you want
whatever that you want to do

it is waiting for you
out there waiting for you
can you hear it calling?
kid you'll move mountains

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