Yucksongs! 2014​:​(

by Terror Pigeon

and when I get born children of popcorn will haunt me all the time you're with him and I'm not fine I give up break up now tell me how do you feel? and when I loved you there was nothing but you your absence has left a void which I'll proceed to fill with joy
injured in the crash I'm hoping for your love I can't quite see you through the snow but I know you're out there calling out is it for me? is it for me? I've sent up flares and distress calls I can't be even more helpless now I'm tired of the searching I'm tired of the hunting I just want someone who I can trust in. patiently I wait unsure of what you'll say tomorrow is infinity and you said don't you count on me but I could kiss a thousand girls and none of them would rock my world like you do oh like you honey and when will I not be the dude who's always the dude messing everything up? and if you can't return my calls then honestly what could I be to you? I mean for real this time no fakes, you wanna date? we'll date so hard now my heart is yours to break but please keep it under guard but a ghost replaced your smile with no lightning despite thundering I guess I shoulda known good love won't leave you wondering we make what we want in our lives our priorities and I wasn't one of yours peace out!
Hair Reprise 01:35
I didn't see you coming 'til you grabbed me on that night literally pulling me into your room I said "fuck yeah! this is gonna be tight!" and I know your heart got crowded I think I can finally let that go there's too many things in life I learn only after "I should have known" so I will be that boy who made you that thing one time and you liked it I remain a distant reminder of your grace and shit oh yeah
when I'm away on business your voice is so exquisite bouncing off of satelights to comfort me late at night but then my fucking phone breaks verizon you're an asshole facebook messages will have to do so I arise daily thank God for the love he gives me and see what words of promise you have left. it's true: I was all on fire for you. and if I can't go back there undo all that laughter bike rides and the words that I have said then I will have to break you your spirit, I'll forsake you leave you for another who can pride. taken by a dark horse and you can't see my remorse: sorry just can not get through and you my shining nothing my gold star left in it's packaging know that I'm thinking about you you are the internet for me.
I called you to hear your voice It is the most comforting thing I called you to hear your voice It helps me forget everything And I know that every song ever says that I'm not the dumbest kid you'll ever meet I have feeling in volumes and they are for you A library that can't be beat If you put up with all of my bullshit I promise that I'll make you smile I'll remember your birthday And love you forever The sun will be shining Cause we'll be together oh darling I must implore you these people round here adore you but you say that they don't love you cause they forgot your birthday well it's true that sucks a lot of shit and they do owe you a cake but their failure to attend was out of circumstance girl you know they'd never hate so fuck your fucking confidence you know you fucking rule! and anybody who'd say otherwise is a fucking piece of shit I'll remember your birthday And love you forever The sun will be shining Cause we'll be together will you save my life? be my rock in roll? fucking penetrate and devoir my soul!? rip out my heart and hold it in the air say this is mine girls don't you dare! what's his is mine and what's mine is his and I'm gonna have like 6000 of his kids actually I don't want any kids all I want is you.
It was time I think for you to give in and well well we're all breaking up kinda maybe you said oh baby I don't want it to be like that but it has to be like that you know that all too well by now you're thinking (oh why do I care?) oh why does it always have to be like that (oh it's the same it's all the same) my body's the same but no waiting they'll be no waiting no waiting no waiting I said I understand but do you think you are being fair (everybody does you know you would) cause it is hard and things take time cause love is as stubborn as you (and I think differently) and if there's only two of us in this room then you can't ignore that I'm here.
Are you such a total deficit to need until there's nothing left to give?
forgive my whole heart or at least just the part that had to be free of your awful crushing weight this is what I wanted I know that I said that but going alone means it's flaws are my own. so tell me about the ways I can I love cause bands can get fucked but good friends remain true. and if I always sing the way I sing the way I sing will you come home to me? will you come home to me? and if I always sing the way I sing the way I sing will you come home to me? will you come home to me? now accusations of misdeeds have been flying and I'm not prepared to defend my own heart. what good is this argument how can I repent without letting this terrible cycle restart? backed into a corner I'll fight my way if need be, you know me too well to think I'd go quietly. don't fuck your heartbreak like so many proud boys, you hold the grudge it will keep you from joy. you hold the grudge it will keep you from joy. you hold the grudge it will keep you from joy. and now you can't even look in my eyes I offer you substance you barely reply and you can feel bad for yourself till you die treated unjust by the whole world you cry yet even if what you believe is the truth you loose
okay, I can sing it I can sing it I can sing well HOW WELL? you know the way it goes you're hurting just because you want to be back there cause that's the people who have loved you just for you and here you have to be someone who is not you and you don't want to be someone who is not you I love the road so much but I just cannot deal cause email never shows me how you really feel and my best friends are here, so many new ones too, but all those left behind they are so far and they're not few so what... do... I.... do? I don't want to be in Milan talking biz, what happened to us rocking being kids? these steady jobs don't feel like home... cause in all of my climbing I'm constantly deciding that I don't want to be away from you I will play this gross basement in new hampshire for 10 rad kids who think that they can fall in love still. there's sweat down here and lots of tears but damn it's real and we can shout louder than the future. can you hear us? 300 miles away?
wherever you met at a park or cool shit it is so awesome you can treasure it hold it in your heart and wherever you go be it hopeful, fearless into the magic that surrounds us hold it in your heart
don't kiss my neck after the show; cause when I want to kiss your lips you're always saying no. If you can't decide that I am worth your time, then I will leave you standing here I can't keep wasting mine. But say you come around and give up this charade, call me up at 4 am and say you hate this game then how the town would talk of the kids who had it made, I'd love you so damn hard I would you'd be amazed what I can do! and I'd do it all for you we'd drive out late at night and the stars would guide us home.
and I am on my way to God and you are on your way to God and we are on our way to God yes we are on our way to God It's God whoa oh oh It's God And if I always sing the way I And if I always sing the way I And if I always sing the way I If I always sing this way It's God whoa oh oh It's God 10,000 miles in this car I got a plan but it sucks new plan be what you are cause your friends in your corner but your agents not, you make him money, he emails a lot, everything is not forever but loves here to stay so check it out new sweater and I got forgiveness lines for forgiveness times but I get forgiveness blind when you do mad feelings crime you know? you ain't got no quarters back so whatchu gonna do with that? you ain't got no quarters back so whatchu gonna do with that? you ain't got no quarter back so whatchu do with that you try and put that money in your shoe or in your cat and I ain't never seen all this town but I know that I will see it all tonight love tell me you'll always love me tell me that you'll be true tell me that we will live out our days hand in hand just me and you



released January 6, 2015

All songs and lyrics by Neil Fridd
Recorded by Neil Fridd, Hank Pruett, and Malee Bringardner in TN, FL, TX, NY and OR
Tracks 2, 9, 11 mixed by Tyler Walker
Track 12 produced and mixed by Tyler Walker
Tracks 6 and 10 mixed by Neil Fridd
Track 1 mixed by Hank Pruett
Track 3 produced and mixed by Philip Rabalais
Track 5 mixed by Jesse Mangum
Track 4 produced and mixed by Jordan Bagnal
Track 8 mixed by Dom Rabalais
The Internet contains a sample "This is How We See In The Dark" by City Center

Neil Fridd - Programing, vocals on all tracks
Malee Bringardner - vocals on 2,4,8,9
Nathan Vanderpool - vocals on tracks 1, 2 and 5
Hank Pruett - vocals on tracks 1 and 5, bass on track 5
Tyler Walker - vocals and guitar on tracks 1 and 5
Michael Bringardner - vocals on tracks 9 and 12
Greg Stephen - vocals on tracks 1 and 5
Dustin McCormick - drums on tracks 1 and 5
Amber Duarte - vocals on track 5

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