Live It Up Before You Die It Up!

by Terror Pigeon

I think back to when I didn't know you my God. it's amazing what I would do for you now. and the reason that I won't give up is you. stuck in alabama, the floors of chicago it's you. speaking softly over the phone, these little messages and when I come home, to crawl into any number of beds with you take in this waterfall in nova scotia it's you, how could it not be? how did you find me? I'm so sorry for every moment I haven't been kind please hold me. I love you. I love you. This world is 1000 times better, cause you're mom and your dad fucked each other!
Please allow me, To speak this clearly: There is not will nor force or power on this earth To keep you from me. And where I'm going Will you come to then? Cause all I want to do and see Would be infinitely better with you beside me! I cannot say it, Words can't convey it, The way that my whole body felt, That night in Becky's car, When we were singing, Well it clicked right then, That four months of denying it could make it no less true, I absolutely, positively, had to, had to, had to, Kiss you. I want to be there when you wake. I want to be there when you need. I want to be there when you laugh. I want to be there when you speed. I want to be there when you're hurt. I want to be there 'til you're fine. I want to be there for tonight. I want to be there all the time. All the time. And you know what I know. And you feel what I feel. There is nothing about you I won't love.
Dana 02:45
okay I know I get a crush on every girl I ever meet but hey you know that temporary flings won't have you beat cause passing romance can't compete with what I've found you you are fearless your faith me makes me want to live so if life moves at such alarming paces then why must I ever learn to be patient and if you don't come on tour what will I do when it's cold late at night and I'm needing to see you? but don't get me wrong I want's best for you and it looks like staying home is what you need to do so I understand but don't you dare think I won't be missing you like I miss Gareth! Like I miss Gareth! and on and on and on it goes and you my God your face it glows light up the night and guide me home! I'm driving to you at all hours my darling I'm waiting forever on subways and ferries I just need to see you and hangout and catch up and fall asleep knowing that our love is growing holding your hand while you sleep is amazing dreaming together proves life is worth saving wherever you go and whatever you do please know this my darling I can't ever loose you! I can't ever loose you.
I know you've been growing out of this I know you've been waiting for the truth Well everything's messed up with Dan and the Shakes are stuck in Durham with their van and my control issues are getting out of hand and now Jesse's gonna go and quit the band and what if I can't shake Sydney? and what if I hurt Dana? and now Derek won't represent me and everyone in this bar hates us. Don't worry man it will be alright. It will be alright. Endless travel with no money food or space has left me feeling like a big disgrace where is this dream that I hoped for? Racing to a house show speeding through the night a basement full of kids will make it right this is where I am truly home. So I will not feel better til we hit CA I will not feel better til we reach New Paltz I will not feel better til I'm rocking California knowing fully that this world was made for kids like us. Knowing fully that this world was made for kids like us. Oh Eric when I hear your voice I think I want to do this. Yeah I want to do this.
you won't find happiness in the things that are your burden. what you need and always will is right here so take your fill. the strength that you haven't found is right here dancing around. you don't need album reviews all you need is friends who love you.
and I want to know those eyes and I want to know that smile and I want to know every possible expression that face could ever make and I want them memorized and I want to know your body yes I want in on that magic I want to know every secret it's been hiding every nook, every crevice, I'll call them all home and I, I've had it up to here with all your games I'm not some xylophone for you to play no I got feelings real, and heart to and if you gonna front I'm gonna bring them straight to you Knock, knock, BAM! it's at your door don't give me that look I know you've felt this real before that weakness in your knees that flutter in your stomach it's called love and girl I know you ain't above it so stop me please if I'm getting out of line but when we kissed I swear that shit near was divine so what's you gonna do now that he is kissing you? don't tell me bout your dreams I don't give a fuck about your dreams if you want to kiss me then you better kiss me and you are lying if you say you don't miss me if you want to kiss me then you better kiss me you pull me in close then you go and dismiss me you tell me at night that you're dreaming about me well darling I hope you fare well without me cause guess what I ain't sticking around no my heart is broke I'm leaving this town please change your locks and here is your key and don't ever think "oh he's waiting for me" no I've got some better things to do then sit around playing these mind games with you and so I'm packing all my bags I am gone tonight I am gone, out that door. I don't want your loving no more cause I broke my back just to care for you and still you'd act like I was untrue I guess all my loving couldn't please you girl and that is not right in my world. and yes there is a God above and all I ever learned from love is that I need him, that I need him. he picked me up when I broke and gave life to this stillborn heart that I'd been grieving, oh and I've been grieving. and what was I supposed to do when I was all in love with you it bound my spirit, oh it bound my spirit. but I broke free from you unloving me and I can't wait to find another date, cause I won't settle for a piece of sheet metal no I want a fire of fires. I want a fire of fires. I'll save all my loving for someone who's loving me.
I know you never will you're feelings now are clear though you have kept them hid so well your character's revealed no you won't be my grace or my great downfall always something warm but far you'll stay right where you are but me I've got to go and see this great wide world maybe find another who can make my heart quiver but darling don't you think "I'm replaced with a kiss" to love you was a privilege and one I will always miss but I simply cannot wait for a ship that never comes I'll swim if I must
and lately it seems like you've gone crazy and when we die, before we go, we'll find a love, a love that's never ending and when we die, right when we go, we'll go to rest, rest right in God's hands and all those brick walls they will fall fuck our problems and when we met I was actually taken aback by your grace and when I grow old and my memories quit I hope the last one I keep is your face girl you heal me you hold me you push me you shove me my God how you love me and I can't do this without you and I won't do this without you. I am mesmerized by you. Lord, I am mesmerized by You.
go and fuck the shit out of your dreams fuck it alright well I don't want to die just yet all people everywhere rule and I can't forget all of these nights that I've spent on your floors watching movies and eating oh God I want more To do everything and know everybody I won't regret a single moment I spend being alive and young and free go and fuck the shit out of your dreams


The second album from Terror Pigeon! Wonderband of Tennessee!! Recorded from 2009 - 2014 in Murfreesboro, Nashville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Davey and Queens. Out 9/23/14 on Stay Magical. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


released September 23, 2014

Songs and words by Neil Fridd
Produced by Hank Pruett
Recording and initial mixing by Hank Pruett
Tracks 3 and 10 produced by Philip Rabalais

Tracks 1, 4 and 9 mixed by John Hudson
Track 2 mixed by Hank Pruett
Track 3 some mixing by Colby DeHart and Joe Kennerly
Tracks 5 and 7 mixed by Jesse Mangum
Track 6 mixed by Neil Fridd
Track 8 mixed by Zach Burba

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 mastered by Moustache Mastering
Tracks 2, 4 6, and 8 mastered by Jordan Bagnal

Vocals by Neil Fridd, Malee Bringardner, Kat Porter, Hank Pruett, Nathan Vanderpool, Greg Stephen, Christian Price, Tyler Walker, Haley Riddering, Jessie Wade, Amber Duarte, Nick Biddle, Jenna Puckett, Colby DeHart, Charlie Hareford, Ricki Dawn Uselton, Jacqulyn Swanson, Jesse Keogh, Carissa Gay, Russell White, Joe Kennerly, Rachel Cox, Joshua Stephens, Jacob Wittenberg, Brittney Willis, Crystal Wood, Levon Emmons, Sammie Colletta, Ryan Petri West, and a bunch of other people who I can't remember cause I'm a dingus :(

Programming by Neil Fridd
Human Drums performed by Dustin McCormick
Guitar performed by Tyler Walker and Colby Dehart
Colby also wrote the mid song guitar solo, mallet parts and weirdo horn stabs on the chorus for "Girl!"
Keys performed by Russel White
Trumpet performed by Rich Aucoin
Saxophone performed by Janelle Jones
Synth selections with Joe Volmer

Album title by the one and only Lauren Chimento


all rights reserved


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